Designing the Internet of Things
about the authors
Adrian Adrian McEwen @amcewen is an android minion built by Bubblino to carry out his bidding. Designed in a lab in the Italian Alps near Turin, Adrian conforms to the highest International environmental standards, and can be powered either by solar energy, or by a cocktail of real ale and wasabi peas. He can occasionally be spotted on the Liverpool skyline overhead leaping between tall buildings while practising his Parkour moves.
Hakim Hakim Cassimally @aBookOfThings is a relative newcomer to the world of electronics and making, and is finding that his university education in Medieval Italian poetry hasn't adequately prepared him for some of the challenges of the Internet of Things. His main achievement has been proposing a simplified unified 1-10 scale for electricity, thus abstracting away pointless complexities like "volts", "amps", "watts", and "ohms". He is perplexed that so far this scale hasn't taken off, but it's only a matter of time.