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In conversation - the machine edition

In the early stages of writing the book, we thought we would discuss our draft table of contents and make sure that we agree on major aspects like content, approach, and mindset.

We had a very interesting chat about the introduction, and thought it would be interesting to post the conversation to the blog. But typing up an hour of conversation didn’t sound like fun… technology to the rescue!

I fired up Adbobe Soundbooth CS4 as I remembered it had an audio transcript feature. 3 hours later it finished chewing up my CPU and presented us with this. We are sure you will agree that the conversation was fascinating from these brief snippets:

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Also there you didn’t live in Switzerland.

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A sense of that grew out of the fire and that’s really careful when you smoke or possibly stand it so but it’s not clear again yeah what was the best Narathiwat Bristol Spotsylvania: here I have set fire to something about the house.

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For the Knights will rise! Tracy is my son to war so where do the math it’s still here still functions and bandits.

There are services were you can get anthrax from forty one that fits in different cat lovers. Enormous for early years.

My question was you have heard of the road and got a camera to the Crusades

Ms No., you know what in most of the states and quite possibly wow so you’ve been there if you will find it until they’re all ought to be the kidnappers want the telephone line to return home for the first senators to look like you were in trouble. Too much where they will only have to stop it now. Yes it is. Stop It now. Yes it is. Stop It now. Yes it is. Still there.

Of course, you will have to read the final finished book to find out what the best Narathiwat Bristol Spotsylvania is.

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